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Trading Bootcamp

If you want to become a trading pro in no time, Bitworms gives you the ultimate Bootcamp experience to do so! Intense learning courses, fast results and a variety of new skills are what the Bitworms Bootcamp will offer you. All you must do is decide to begin!

  • Videos on demand

    For our clients who are more visual types, we offer a wide range of videos on demand. Stream your lessons whenever and wherever you are for the continual learning experience. Achieve trading success faster and easier than ever before.

  • eBooks

    Read through the latest lessons on all things related to trading. Download the Bitworm eBooks on any device and take them with you. Revise your knowledge of market trends, assets and strategies to improve your trading skills.

  • Glossary

    The best way to learn about something new is to understand its language. And trading is no different! Here at Bitworms, we offer you insights into all the latest terms used daily on the market. Get acquainted with the investing community and become a part of something great.

  • Quizes

    Since we all dreaded quizzes in high school, Bitworms aims to change that. With our fun and interactive questions and reminders, you will be able to utilize your time in the best way possible while learning more not only about trading, but yourself as well.

Check your trading knowledge

How far have you advanced on your path to trading independence and success? Our Bitworms team has created measurable ways you can use to check your progress at any time, as well as get recommendations on how to proceed!

  • Notifications

    You can set your daily, weekly or bi-weekly reminders to get cracking on the latest lessons on your Bitworms learning track or receive special offers on the newest educational material we added into the mix.

  • Market Watch

    Be the first to know about the latest developments and events on the market. Bitworms regularly updates you on everything you need to make your trading strategy extraordinary.

  • Web TV and Webinars

    Bitworms connects you with the smartest and most professional experts in the business that teach you about innovative approaches to trading. Meet the biggest names in the industry through our webinars, available only on Bitworms website.

  • Analysis

    We could all use a bit of help now and then, and our analytics team is dedicated to making large chunks of data easily accessible and understandable to all our clients. Check out this option to receive insights into the latest market results, as well as learn about your own through this process.

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